Barrhaven public meeting talks crime

By Jason White

A public meeting with Ottawa Police in Barrhaven, Monday night, drew about 100 people concerned by recent break-ins.

Barrhaven has seen 48 residential break-ins so far in 2018, compared to 52 in all of last year. There were 62 residential break-ins in 2016.

“We're experiencing roughly the same numbers,” Insp. Ken Bryden told last night's audience. “I think the impact for this particular time is the amount that happened in a small, densely-populated area which — rightly — caused some concern for local residents.”

Police offered tips for residents to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a theft or break-in. They recommended always asking for ID when someone knocks at your front door, noting that some criminals have impersonated hydro workers and police officers to try to gain access to homes.

Insp. Bryden added, reducing the likelihood of a break-in at your home may be as simple as installing window shears, to obscure the view of valuables inside your home.

“I guarantee you, you'll look into your own home, or someone else's home…and you'll see something that will draw your attention,” Insp. Bryden told the crowd. “Believe me, for these men and women, and groups that are doing these B&E's, that's exactly what they're doing to you.”

Insp. Bryden says police plan to use specialized investigations to try to reduce crime, but that Barrhaven is a target for criminals because it's a populated, upper-middle class area. He urged residents who see something wrong to report it to police.

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