Police complaints filed after politicians’ vaccine passport QR codes allegedly hacked

By Canadian Press

Quebec's Health Department says police complaints have been filed after politicians' vaccine passport information was allegedly hacked.

The department said in a statement today it is aware of reports that people have managed to steal the QR codes of members of the Quebec legislature and is taking the matter seriously.

The quick response codes are scannable codes containing a person's name, date of birth and information about the vaccinations they have received.

They are the central feature of the government's vaccine passport system, which will be required as of Sept. 1 to visit businesses the provincial government deems non-essential, such as bars, clubs and restaurants.

The government says nobody is allowed to use another person's QR code and anyone who breaks that rule could face serious penalties.

Businesses who require the vaccine passport will also be asked to check their customers' photo ID to ensure the name matches, and they are expected to report to police anyone who tries to use someone else's QR code.

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