PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for February 23, 2022

By CityNews Ottawa

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Wednesday. Derick Fage fills in for Rob. The convoy protesters have vacated downtown but they haven't gone far. How did we get here? 

12:13 – “There are a couple areas that are still really closed off…Sparks Street for example is having some difficulties having people come and go.”

Derick speaks with Michelle Groulx from the Ottawa Coalition of BIAs about what supports are being drawn up for businesses that were closed due to the protests.

21:22 – “There are some very legitimate questions about the financial measures that are being brought in along side this that apparently the Prime Minister wants to make permanent.”

This is the place to score your 'Political Fix'! Derick is joined by strategsits Ashton Arsenault and Chris Day to break down the politics of the Emergencies Act and the Ottawa protests.

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It's the Talk Back Hour. Derick takes your calls. Have you lost faith the ability of governments to work together to confront challenges in Canada?

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Hour 3:

0:00 – “The sad story is one family's life is ruined forever and another 27 year old man is looking at some serious charges.”

Bruce McIntyre is here from the Eganville Leader with this week's 'Valley Views'

20:39 – “Germany relies on about three-quarters of its energy supply from Russia, particularly since Madame Merkel after Fukushima in Japan decided to wean themselves off Nuclear energy.”

International affairs expert Ferry de Kerckhove joins Derick to break down the latest developments in the escalating military tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

34:00 – “Well I mean I'd say thank God we have an auditor general to put the brakes on something like that”

Pat Uguccioni joins Derick to recap a busy city council meeting this morning.

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