Local criminologist expects Ottawa police checkpoints to end after this weekend

By Chris Kurys

Ottawa businesses have reopened, light rail is running again and the downtown secure zone is shrinking.

But there are still checkpoints in place, to ensure unlawful protesters do not return.

A local criminologist believes this will be the final weekend that residents will be asked to state their reasons for travelling within the area.

“I expect it will probably start to scale back after this weekend,” said Michael Kempa, associate professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa.

He explained to CityNews in an interview on Wednesday, February 24, that it will depend on how the upcoming weekend goes, but residents will likely be able to travel freely, soon.

Kempa added that the measures were put in place while the Emergencies Act was in effect, but Ottawa police will still be able to effectively manage any protesters even with the Act revoked.

“They do have crowd control authorities in the (Ontario Police Services Act), in the normal Criminal Code.”


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