Group files a motion in court to block construction of new provincial jail in Kemptville

By Anil Jhalli

A group opposing the construction of a new provincial jail in Kemptville has filed a motion to have the site remain farmland. 

Victor Lachance, a member of the Coalition Against the Proposed Prison (CAPP), told The Rob Snow Show with guest host Derick Fage on Monday, Aug. 15 that under the provincial government's own criteria, the jail should not even be built. 

A plan previously proposed by the Ford government calls for a new 235-bed prison on heritage farmland in Kemptville. 

The former Kemptville Agricultural College is the site of the proposed provincial prison. 

“There's very explicit and detailed provisions to protect agricultural farmland especially if you are going to use it for non-agricultural purposes,” said Lachance. “So they (the provincial government) have not followed those policy statements.”

Lachance added there was no community consultation by the provincial government when the decision was made. He said CAPP has plans for the land to not only keep it in its agricultural form, but the group wants to use it for educational purposes. 

“If this just stops and we can all go back and make use of the land the way it was meant to be used,” he said. 

Listen to the full interview with Victor Lachance below:

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