Ottawa Safety Council looking for additional crossing guards as new school year kicks off

By Anil Jhalli

A new school year has started for students, and the Ottawa Safety Council is still in need of crossing guards for many intersections across the city. 

Jamie Kwong, the executive director of the Ottawa Safety Council, told The Sam Laprade Show on Sept. 7 that the organization has hired almost 300 crossing guards who are ready to help kids get to school safely for the 2022-2023 school year, but with Ottawa currently in construction season, the Ottawa Safety Council is looking to hire at least 60 more crossing guards. 

“What they do is amazing,” said Kwong of the work that crossing guards do as it pertains to the safety of children. “It's a tough job during the whole year, standing in different weather seasons. They are there to provide that extra barrier of safety for kids.”

Kwong said parents who drop off their kids to school can help crossing guards by being mindful of speeding around school zones, adding that parents can leave a little earlier from their homes to provide that extra buffer time to get kids to school safely and on time. 

“There's no parking and stopping signs around school for a reason,” said Kwong. “It's because cars obstruct the view and cause so much congestion. So we suggest that parents park a block away and take a few extra minutes to walk kids to school.”

Listen to the full interview with Jamie Kwong below:







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