Mike Maguire lays out three-step plan to address homelessness and crime in ByWard Market

By Alex Black

Ottawa mayoral candidate Mike Maguire has released a three-part plan to address safety and street crime in the ByWard Market.

In his 'Safe Streets Platform,' Maguire outlines his plan to reduce the effects of homelessness, address the level of street crime and find housing solutions for those in need, and said he has been consulting with front-line mental health counsellors on best approaches.

Maguire said the first part of the plan is to increase the availability of counselling and front-line support for those experiencing homelessness while also increasing wages for counsellors.

“This is a must in order to provide stable and skilled support for the homeless and ensure Ottawa retains the best counselling expertise,” Maguire said.

The second step would be ensure there is increased police enforcement of street-level drug dealing, adding that the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has the expertise to do this and needs support from the new mayor and council.

“Getting these drugs off the streets is essential to combating part of the root causes of homelessness,” Maguire said.

Maguire's third step would be to shift housing support from what he calls expensive affordable housing to a portable rent subsidy, so the individual could select their own accommodations.

“This will be less expensive, more responsive and flexible and will allow qualified individuals some leeway in choosing where they want to live, Maguire said. “Taking this more fiscally prudent and humanitarian approach will be a win-win for the city and the affected individuals.”

You can find more information on the Safe Streets Platform at www.mikeforottawa.ca.

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