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Thursday September 29, 2022.

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Thursday. Tomorrow is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation that will be marked with a federal statutory holiday.

9:56: “They're like a master race. Nobody showed up late for work, nobody spilled coffee on their patnts…they had a great year. 100% bonuses.”

Tom Korski is back from Blacklock's Reporter with our weekly look at the top stories from the outlet that's minding Ottawa's business.

20:46: “I think debates are very important and it's a shame we aren't getting a more general debate with all of these candidates.”

Rogers TV's Derick Fage is here with a few hot takes on the big news stories of the week.

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It's the Thursday Free-For-All on the Talk Back Hour! Rob takes your calls.

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0:00: “I didn't quite get the national urban park plan either…turn the greenbelt into a 'national urban park'. I'm not opposed to it, but what would actually change?”

Postmedia columnist Randall Denley joins Rob for a discussion about the municipal election campaign.

9:25: “Obviously Brendan Ghallager always stokes that rivalry but they've got this new kid who's vying for a spot on the blue line…he is an absolute physical beast.”

Steve Warne is here with our look at the week in sports news.

21:34: “I think we're now in a situation…that Russia is mobilizing to go to war, they're calling up the troops and they're threatening if you do anything to stop this you will see a nuclear response.”

It's time for The World with professor Elliot Tepper. This week Rob and the professor focus on the latest developments in Russia's war on Ukraine, ongoing protests in Iran and the Italian election.

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