Another luxury vehicle stolen using key fob relaying technology

By CityNews Ottawa

Nan Al, a financial security advisor, woke up to find out her Lexus SUV was stolen right out of her Findley Creek driveway. On The Sam Laprade Show, Al said her car was the third car in as many days stolen from her neighbourhood. 

“I looked at my phone and I saw a message stating at 5:40 in the morning that all my doors are unlocked,” said Al. “So I look outside and literally my car is gone.”

With the help of the Lexus app, Al was able to track her car to a parking lot in Laval less than two hours after it was stolen at 7:20 a.m. Laval Police recovered and impounded the vehicle which sustained minor damage.

The Lexus RX series is the most likely vehicle to be stolen in the region, and a theft rate over nine per cent in Ontario, according to a recent report from the Équité Association. Al claims she was not made aware of this when she purchased the vehicle.

“The thing is with Lexus is that they are not disclosing it to their clients,” said Al. ” It would have been nice if they disclose that information, that this car is really susceptible of being stolen.”

When she contacted her dealership, Al said she was met with indifference. Now she is questioning why Lexus does not do a recall or a software patch to resolve the issue.

“The fact that your cars are being stolen and the cops are well aware. They even know that they're going to Laval, and getting shipped from Laval and nothing is being done,” said Al. “They're well aware that a car is being stolen every day in Ottawa and nothing is being done.”

“I just really recommend that we all do our due diligence when purchasing a car and definitely ask questions. But I also recommend that these dealerships need to be held accountable, and to find a solution and resolve this as soon as possible.”

Listen to the full interview with Nan Al on The Sam Laprade Show below.


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