Mass demonstration planned to help kick off Snowsuit Fund’s Snow Angel Challenge

By Alex Black

The Snowsuit Fund is again inviting Ottawa residents to get outdoors and have some fun for a good cause — and a Kanata school is set to do that in a big way. 

The third annual Snow Angel Challenge is kicking off on Wednesday, Feb. 1, encouraging members of the community to create snow angels, gather donations and share their results on social media.

The 28-day challenge runs throughout February and all donations go to support the purchase of snowsuits for Ottawa children in need. Just head outside, make a snow angel and share the videos or images on social media, including a link to donate and hashtag #SnowAngelOttawa.  

Students and teachers at Kanata Montessori are getting a head start on the campaign with a mass snow angel demonstration at the school on Friday, Jan. 27. at 11 a.m.

Eighty people, including grade seven and eight students, teachers, Ottawa police officers and bus drivers will take part in the demonstration. 

Julie Findlay, the co-chair of the Snow Angel Challenge, told The Sam Laprade Show on Jan. 27 that the staff and students at Kanata Montessori have already raised $5,000 for the cause, adding that she is confident that the team will be able to get the entire city of Ottawa to participate in the challenge. 

“From east to west, north to south, so many schools are taking part,” she added. “We want to share warmth across our city.” 

Mike Leggett, the other co-chair for The Snow Angel Challenge, told The Sam Laprade Show on Jan. 27 that unfortunately, the need for snowsuits does not go away. 

'We still get on average 16,000 snowsuits a year,” he added. “Particularly, with the government having 500,000 new Canadians coming next year, I will see the need continue.”

Listen to the full conversation with Julie Findlay and Mike Leggett below:

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