Council votes unanimously to rename Meynell Park in Richmond after the late ‘Babe’ McRae

By Anil Jhalli

Ottawa city councillors voted unanimously during the Jan. 25 council meeting to rename Meynell Park in the Fox Run development in Richmond after the late Arnold Alfred 'Babe' McRae, who passed away in December of 2022. 

McRae was a resident of Richmond from the late 1940s, and the family has been very much involved in the community through volunteering for different organizations, running the local grocery store, convenience store and the laundromat, which is still in operation on Richmond's main street.

“Many families helped establish the village are still here today,” said Rideau-Jock Coun. David Brown on The Sam Laprade Show on Feb. 7. “One of the things I am trying to fo through the commemorative naming process is ensure that the older families who have have contributed positively in the village are recognized.”

Coun. Brown said showcasing the rural area's past is a way to connect with the new families that call Richmond home. 

“We want to make sure our local history is displayed,” said Coun. Brown. 

Listen to the full interview with Coun. Brown, who also discusses his reasoning to become a city councillor and some of the issues and concerns he wants to address in the ward, below:




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