OC Transpo running limited double-car trains on LRT line

By Sarah Crookall

OC Transpo is now running an additional four trains, totalling 17 with some double cars, to Line 1 rush hour service to accommodate an increase in ridership this September.

“It’s the first day for sure, but I’m pretty confident,” Renee Amilcar, OC Transpo general manager, told The Sam Laprade Show on Monday Sept. 11. “We’ll continue to monitor, as I said, to make sure that if we need to increase the amount of cars—we’ll do (it).”

When LRT service closed on July 17 due to a wheel bearing and axle problem, OC Transpo has only been running single cars to preserve mileage on the trains’ axles.

“Because we changed all of those axles at the same time, we have to spread them—to make sure that they don’t come due for their maintenance, ” says Amilcar.

The Shuttle Express, a bus that was added when the LRT closed, is continuing between Blair and Kent stations. However, the shuttle will no longer service the west, between downtown and Tunney’s Pasture.

Some riders say not all OC Transpo trips are running smoothly.

On social media, riders have criticized the change during school season, saying the cancelled west shuttle is negatively impacting routes like bus 88, between Canterbury and Terry Fox. Those west-end residents say people have been left off of packed trips.

Additionally Line 1 of the LRT, OC Transpo sent out a notice on Sunday Sept. 10, saying ongoing telecom issues mean there are “limited communications” on the emergency phones, but ” if you press the button on an emergency telephone, help will be on the way.”

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