Student run organization at uOttawa aims to hit $1M fundraising mark for CHEO

By Denis Armstrong

If the student-run organization of business students at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management know how to do something, it’s how to multi-task.

Every year, Telfer’s Commerce and Administration Student Charitable Organization (CASCO) hosts a half-dozen fundraisers, everything from golf tournaments, pub nights, games with the Ottawa Senators and the Redblacks, volleyball tournaments to retail partnerships with Chipotle and Krispy Kreme to raise cash for the Children’s Hospital for Eastern Ontario (CHEO) while at the same time, providing students with a chance to practice their business skills and network with professional businesspeople for the future career.

It’s a classic win-win proposition. In the 23 years that CASCO has been around, it’s raised an eye-popping $930,000 for CHEO, more than $80,000 this year alone. Their goal this year is to top the $1 million mark.

The 2023 season wraps up with CASCO’s Annual Gala Dinner, a dinner, concert, fashion show and auction party on November 20.

CASCO’s president Andrew Junop talked about the upcoming party on The Sam Laprade Show on Sept. 13 with guest host Derick Fage.

“It’s our biggest event of the year,” Junop said. “It’s a fun way to meet people and give back to the community over a worthy cause. It’s great to see so many people come together with a shared purpose. Our goal is to make it a million for CHEO.”

CASCO, Telfer’s School of Management student-run community organization, began in 1998 when two Telfer students Alexandre St-Jean and Tuan Nguyen threw a celebration of life fundraising party when their friend Eric Danis died of leukemia.

In the end, Danis’ funeral party was so successful, St-Jean and Nguyen made it an annual exercise in social responsibility and charitable giving specifically if not exclusively for Telfer students.

“We’re proud to carry on that legacy 24 years later,” said Junop. “There are so many bright and motivated people here at Telfer. It’s inspiring to see young people doing so much good.”

Details on CASCO and the November Gala will soon be posted on their website




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