Preventing flooding in basements, properties as ‘torrential’ rain hits Ottawa

A deluge of rain is descending on the nation’s capital and could even break a precipitation record for July 10.

Knowing the “torrential” is in Ottawa, homeowners and residents are being asked to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

The City of Ottawa has not released a flooding update on Wednesday, but portions of the Ottawa Valley are under a flood watch from the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

Communities along the St. Lawrence River are under a rainfall warning from Environment Canada and could see 20 to 40 mm of rain an hour.

For residents in Ottawa, sandbags are available at 29 Hurdman Rd.

Preventing basement flooding

The city advises people to take extra steps to ensure their basements do not flood.

Part of that is sealing window wells, cracks in floors and in the foundation of the home. Directing downspouts away from the property and making sure eavestroughs are clean and point away, will also help.

If the home has a sump pump, make sure it is connected to the storm sewer or discharges to the ground away from the house.

Road drains need to be clear in order for water to discharge into the city’s storm water system, the municipality writes.

What to do if the basement has flooded

The city said people need to determine where the water is coming from.

To do this, it asks people check the toilets and sinks are draining properly. If no water comes up through the drain when running water, the city said the problem is likely ground water.

Then residents should clear any blockages they can see.

Reporting the flood to the municipality by calling 3-1-1 will dispatch staff to help.

Contacting the insurance company is next, the tips on Ottawa’s website reads.

If the water reaches an outlet or extension cord, the city asks residents to contact Hydro Ottawa.

Find the sewer clean-out caps, but do not try to open them. City staff will be able to help.

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