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'We have to bring it in house,' city councillor calls for restructuring of LRT management

Catherine McKenney is not confident with Rideau Transit Maintenance's ability to maintain the LRT system as problems only seem to be getting worse.
2018-12-12 catherine mckenney mv1
Ottawa City Councillor Catherine McKenney, December 2018. Mike Vlasveld/ OttawaMatters

In the wake of the second derailment on the Confederation Line in six weeks, an Ottawa city councillor is calling for the handling of LRT maintenance to be reorganized.

Somerset Ward Councillor Catherine McKenney feels Ottawa's transit system is currently in crisis, and residents have lost confidence in it.

They say maintaining the light rail system should fall onto the City of Ottawa, and not a third-party such as Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM).

"Somehow we have to ensure that we have people who are working for the city, who are responsible to us, who are answerable to us, doing those inspections and ensuring that they're getting done," McKenney told The Rob Snow Show on Tuesday, September 21.

The councillor is not confident with RTM's ability to maintain the LRT system and feels problems continue to get worse, instead of being fixed.

McKenney is also calling for a full inspection into the LRT contract from 2012, against the current status of the system.

"We have to understand how did we get here - what are those decision points to get to use where we are today," they explained. "Without that, we don't know how to move forward. It's all speculation."

McKenney's call to action comes after Mayor Jim Watson called the current OC Transpo service, "completely substandard."

Listen to McKenney's full Rob Snow Show interview: 


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