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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for May 16, 2022

Monday. Day 13 of the Ontario election campaign. 
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Monday. Day 13 of the Ontario election campaign. There's a debate tonight, but does anyone care?

9:32 - "For thirty years we've been trying to fix the mistakes made by the system, but we spend half our time raising money to exist and we're limited in the number of cases we can tackle."

Rob is joined by Ron Dalton, co-president of the non-profit Innocence Canada to talk about the legacy of the late David Milgaard when it comes to fighting wrongful convictions in Canada.

24:13 - "There is talk among NATO allies to try to find a way to get get the grain out by rail, but that's really hard to do. That's a huge amount of grain to move by rail, plus the Russians are attacking the rail system."

International affairs columnist Geoffrey Johnston joins the show to discuss how the war in Ukraine could cause a global food shortage in the next few months.

35:21 - "A lot of people naturally start debating the people on stage, that's often a big mistake itself. You gotta look into that camera and speak to the people of the province."

Our crisis communications expert Barry McLoughlin is here to get us ready for tonight's Ontario election debate.

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour. After a student protest over inappropriate enforcement of an Orlean's high school dress code led to Police action last week, is it time to talk about getting rid of the Ottawa Catholic School Board? Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:

0:00 - "I think a lot of people still don't know who he is...he needs to introduce himself and say 'I am the direct opposition to Doug Ford' and he needs to take the fight direction to Doug Ford."

The second edition of our Ontario Votes panel features strategists Cam Holmstrom and Garry Kellar discussing the lead up to tonight's Ontario election debate.

20:22 - "So many CEOs are stressing this is a long term game...that was sort of the message that Goldberg was trying to deliver to analysts as well."

Dave Sali is here from the newsroom of the Ottawa Business Journal with a look at the top local business news this week.

34:27 - "StatsCan is presently telling us the amount needed to provide annual income in retirement has also risen over that same 20 year period by nearly 180%."

Peter Fraser is here from Cardinal Planning in Ottawa for another Money Monday!

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