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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for May 26, 2022

Thursday. Day 6 since the storm, many in Ottawa still without power and many more without phone or internet service. 
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Hour 1:

Thursday. Day 6 since the storm. Many in Ottawa still without power and many more without phone or internet service. 

11:42 - :"If it was just an aesthetic decision I would say don't do it. But you have to put that cost now against the cost of what we're going through currently, and who knows how much that's going to be."

Postmedia columnist Randall Denley joins Rob for a discussion about what public policy response there should be to this week's devastating storm in Ottawa.

20:27 - "We know the NDP vote is far more efficient than the Liberals...we know the Liberal Party has a broad appeal, the Liberal brand has a broad appeal. The NDP is very targeted, very specific. And when those NDP votes come in they tend to be a lot more effective than Liberal votes."

It's time for Ontario Politics This Week! Rob is joined by Ontario political insiders Geoff Turner and Andrew Brander to break down the week's election campaign news.

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour. Was this week's extreme storm in Ottawa the result of man-made climate change? Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:

0:00 - "Three natural disasters in five years. We really do have to put the onus on the next five years and see what that looks like."

Rob checks in with Clarence-Rockland mayor Mario Zanth to get an update on the storm cleanup in that area east of Ottawa.

10:36 - "If you ask most Americans in public opinion surveys there is solid public support for various gun control measures."

Rob speaks with a political scientist from the University of Michigan about the political and social factors that have lead to decades of inaction on gun violance in America.

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