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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for May 30, 2022

Monday. Voters head to the polls on Thursday with Doug Ford and the PC party holding a commanding lead in the polls.
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Hour 1:

Monday. Voters head to the polls on Thursday with Doug Ford and the PC party holding a commanding lead in the polls.

12:19 - "Now we're into the cleanup, so the city is coming around and we've asked residents to put their debris by the roadway."

Rob speaks with Cumberland Ward councillor Catherine Kitts about the storm cleanup efforts in the city's east end.

21:31 - "The Horn of Africa experienced a horrible famine in 2011 and the world didn't respond until it was too late...flash forward to 2022 and many of the lessons that were learned in the last decade or so not all of them have been applied."

International affairs columnist Geoffrey Johnston joins Rob with his latest reporting on rising rates of famine in the global south.

27:16 - "That's what you do with these backdrops, you've got to anchor the announcement otherwise its just a flurry of words."

Our crisis communications expert Barry McLoughlin joins Rob to break down the latest from the Ontario campaign trail. 

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour! Does Canada need stronger gun control? Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:

0:00 - "This is his first visit in the election context, he hasn't been here during this entire campaign, and I think we all struggle to remember the last time he was here with his Premier hat on."

It's our final 'Ontario Decides' panel before the election. Rob is joined by Tim Powers and Geoff Turner for a last look at the playing field ahead of voters heading to the polls this Thursday.

21:07 - "They have 750 merchants in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg who are all on the platform."

Dave Sali is here with a look at the top stories from the newsroom of the Ottawa Business Journal.

33:26 - "It's a pretty big group in the country, probably 60% of workers, but even within that cohort with no pension plan participation there's estimated according to this study that a quarter of them have virtually no retirement assets set aside."

Peter Fraser is here from Cardinal Planning for Money Monday!

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