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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for May 6, 2022

Friday. We made it. Day 3 of the Ontario election campaign.
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Hour 1:

Friday. We made it. Day 3 of the Ontario election campaign.

9:07 - "In the case of the allegations of favouritism and quote-unquote sweetheart dealing...the whistelblowers who put these concerns to paper faced reprisals. That's against a federal law."

Tom Korski is here from Blacklock's Reporter with a look at the top stories from the outlet that's minding Ottawa's business.

20:45 - "If you're a member of the Conservative Party and you have a vote I think you're looking at, I don't know, 10% of the party by going down this path."

Derick Fage joins the show with some hot takes on the top stories of the day, including a fiery Conservative Party Leadership debate that took place in Ottawa last night.

36:36 - "Two dollars to 2.05 a litre unless something dramatic should change."

Gas price analysit Dan McTeague joins Rob to talk about the record high price at the pumps, and why there's no relief in sight.

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Hour 2:

It's the Friday Free-For-All on the Talk Back Hour! Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:

0:00 - "And that's not just goalie stats...they're his stats but it's also a reflection of Tampa Bay's excellence"

Rob chats with Steve Warne about the week's top sports stories.

19:31 - "We have to be prepared for that, otherwise the economy is going to come to a standstill."

Our first Queens Park Week In Review of the campaign features Liberal candidate John Fraser, NDP candidate John Vanthof and PC candidate Todd Smith.

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