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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for October 4, 2022

Tuesday. 11.7% raises and minimum wages: The politics of public education in focus today.
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Tuesday October 4, 2022.

Hour 1:

Tuesday. 11.7% raises and minimum wages: The politics of public education in focus today.

12:06: "I definitely have seen the conversation change. It's getting a lot more angry and visceral, but I think that's true of every level of government, but I loved every minute of it."

Rob is joined by OCDSB Trustee Mark Fisher, who is not seeking reelection, to get his perspective on this year's school board elections in Ottawa and how that level of goverment has changed over the past decade.

21:28: "'Trickle down' is just an ideological pejorative term applied to policies by liberals and progressives that they don't like."

Professor Ian Lee is here for a post-mortem on last week's near-collapse of the UK economy and discuss why the new Prime Minister Liz Truss has walked back planned tax cuts in that country.

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour! CUPE education workers have voted for a strike mandate as they continue to push for an 11.7% raise, while other groups continue to push for a $20 minimum wage in Ontario. Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:


Syndicated columnist Michael Taube joins Rob for a discussion on the Quebec election results, the UCP leadership race in Alberta, Justin Trudeau's bungee jumping video and more.

21:57: "Is it going to solve all of our problems? Absolutely not. We need to find other ways to build enough housing. But basically to streamline the process, take out the red tape, I think this would be a fantastic initiative."

The issue of 'R1' zoning has emerged in the Ottawa municipal election campaign, Rob speaks with Mike Moffatt from the Smart Prosperity Institute about what exactly that regulation does in our city.

32:58: "If we don't do something quick we are going to see a crisis. So they need tog et their act together at the government level and negotiate a deal so we don't see don't see a disruption in our classrooms."

Ontario education workers represented by CUPE have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike mandate. Rob speaks with the Ontario NDP's Marit Stiles.

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