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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for September 12, 2022

Monday. Pierre Poilievre has won the Conservative Party leadership race in a landslide.
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Monday September 12, 2022. 

Hour 1:

10:45: "This is a Conservative Party that's never been bigger, never been more energized and never been more united than they are under Pierre Poilievre."

Local Conservative MP Michael Barrett joins Rob to share his thoughts on the new direction of the Conservative Party under Pierre Poilievre as leader.

21:22: "Cancelling planned road projects such as the twinning of the Airport Parkway and the Alta Vista parkway will free up money, tens of millions of dollars to address the crumbling road system."

Back on the municipal election beat, Rob speaks with mayoral candidate Bob Chiarelli about his pledge to cancel all new road construction projects in Ottawa to focus on repairs and maintenance of existing infrastructure. 

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour! Pierre Poilievre has won the Conservative Party leadership race, but can he win a general election? Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:


0:00: "They're on brand in terms of this 25 years of cycling improvements in four years, this plays to a downtown crowd, but this does not play to the reality in my opinion of people living in the burbs or people living downtown in the context of a failed transit system."

It's time for 'Municipal Mondays': A new weekly feature segment in the lead up to the municipal election on October 24th. Rob is joined by former City of Ottawa executive Walter Robinson and former city councillor Maria McRae to dissect the storylines making news this week on the election trail.

22:00: "This isn't the first shake up we've seen from Shopify, last year several of the executives left...some people who had been with the company almost since it's inception."

Dave Sali is here from the newsroom of the Ottawa Business Journal for our look at the local business stories making headlines this week.

33:18: "Unfortunately it's just one of many secret lobbying loopholes in the federal lobbying law, and will also allow for unethical lobbying."

An investigative report from the Globe and Mail this morning is shedding light on how a secret phone call between the CEO of Google's parent company and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have influenced a massive development project in downtown Toronto just before the pandemic hit. Rob gets reaction from Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch.

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