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PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for September 14, 2022

Wednesday. City issues are in focus today as municipal campaign fundraising practices have emerged as a point of controversy. 
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Wednesday September 14, 2022.

Hour 1:

Wednesday. City issues are in focus today as municipal campaign fundraising practices have emerged as a point of controversy.

13:19: "It is really a policy issue. We haven't always had homelessness in our communities. We had risen to the challenge of dealing with homelessness before."

Getting ready for a big housing announcement from mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney, Rob speaks with Meg McCallum from the Alliance To End Homelessness Ottawa. 

20:42: "What struck me more than anything else was ultimately at the end of the day is the Official Opposition leader is not supposed to be a referee of the whenever it slides into that territory it's a little bit unfortunate."

It's time to score your Political Fix! Rob is joined by strategists Karl Belanger and Ashton Arsenault with analysis on the top political stories of the week.

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour. A few stories in the mix today. What did you think of Pierre Poilievre being "heckled" by respected journalist David Akin? Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:

0:00: "It's been a land dispute that's been ongoing and finally the owner said enough's enough and put up the orange winter fencing and the one place where everyone went to just relax and lay on the rock and just chill is now closed to the public."

Bruce McIntyre is here from the Eganville Leader for Valley Views, our weekly update on what's making news up the line in Renfrew County and the greater Ottawa Valley.

12:14: "I wouldn't say the report os a complete game changer, but it's pretty close to it with respect to what the Fed is likely to do in coming months."

Rob is joined by BMO economist Sal Guatieri for his analysis on what the U.S. inflation rate means for the U.S. Fed's interest rate strategy, and what it may indicate about Canada's own inflation issues.

21:26: "She oversaw the transition from Empire to a post-colonial power, and during the Queen's time the commonwealth of nations became a real force in the world and it was a very good vehicle for Canada."

International affairs columnist Geoffrey Johnston is here with his take on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and her legacy as Canada's head of state.

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