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Ottawa COVID-19 hospitalizations up slightly, no new deaths reported

The health unit says it knows of 276 active cases of COVID-19 in the city.
COVID-19 swab. Photo/ The Canadian Press
Photo/ The Canadian Press

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is reporting a slight increase in local COVID-19 hospitalizations for the second straight day, but says indicators of spread in the community continue to trend downward.

There are eight people in Ottawa hospitals with COVID-19 (five in intensive care) as of Thursday, October 14, 2021. Both hospitalization and ICU figures have gone up by one over the last couple of days.

No new COVID-19-related deaths are being reported in Ottawa after three on Wednesday. The city's pandemic death toll stands at 601, including: one person in their 20s; one in their 30s; eight in their 40s; 30 in their 50s; 73 in their 60s; 113 in their 70s; 205 in their 80s; and 170 in their 90s.

OPH is confirming 23 new cases of the virus in the community on Thursday. There have been 246 confirmed over the last seven days.

The health unit says it knows of 276 active cases in the city.

Although OPH has added eight new cases of the Delta variant to its pandemic tally, it says the number of new Delta cases that have popped upin the last 30 days remains at 123.

The number of Ottawa schools affected by COVID-19 outbreaks in down to six. OPH is also reporting one ongoing outbreak at a child care centre and two community outbreaks (one linked to a restaurant and another stemming from a 'services' workplace).

According to OPH's vaccination dashboard, 85 per cent of all residents over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 89 per cent have had at least one shot.

The rate of infection among Ottawa's unvaccinated vaccine-eligible population is 11 times higher than it is for the fully vaccinated population. The local rate of infection per 100,000 residents for those vaccinated against the virus is at 11, whereas the rate for those unvaccinated (or vaccinated with one dose under 14 days) is 125.2. The rate per 100,000 residents for those who are waiting for their second shot is 55.4.

Ottawa residents being tested for COVID-19 in Ottawa are seeing positive results 1.8 per cent of the time.

Ontario is reporting 417 new cases of COVID-19 and three more deaths linked to the viruson Thursday.

There have been 30,382 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa (29,505 resolved) since March of 2020.

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