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Two more COVID-19 hospitalizations in Ottawa as health unit confirms rise in Delta variant cases

OPH is reporting two new COVID-19 outbreaks in the city; one at a group home and one at a school.

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is confirming 101 new Delta variant cases in the city, but says hospitalizations due to COVID-19 remain in the single digits.

The health unit's pandemic tally of Delta variant cases is up to 539 on Wednesday, September 15, with the number of cases confirmed in the last 30 days climbing to 248.

OPH has identified 50 new cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa, and says there have been 362 cases in the city over the last seven days.

The number of active cases of COVID-19 that the health unit knows about is up to 410.

The number of COVID-19 patients in local hospitals is also up, but slightly, to eight, with three in intensive care.

OPH is reporting two new COVID-19 outbreaks in the city; one at a group home and one at a school. There are nine institutional outbreaks in total, with six stemming from daycares. Two community outbreaks are still being monitored; one linked to a religious organization and one from a warehouse workplace.

The local health unit says 87 per cent of Ottawa residents over the age of 12 have at least one COVID-19 vaccine and 81 per cent have been fully immunized. 

According to the health unit, the rate of infection among Ottawa's unvaccinated vaccine-eligible population is 14 times higher than it is for the fully vaccinated population. OPH says the local rate of infection per 100,000 residents for those vaccinated against the virus is up to 4.2, whereas the rate for those unvaccinated (or vaccinated with one dose under 14 days) is up to 58.8. The rate per 100,000 residents for those who are still waiting for their second shot is up to 21.5. 

Ottawa residents being tested for COVID-19 are still seeing positive results 3.6 per cent of the time.

No new deaths related to the virus keeps Ottawa's pandemic death toll at 594. The most recent death was reported on September 10. Before that, there hadn't been a death related to COVID-19 in Ottawa since July 8.

There have been 29,016 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa (28,012 resolved) since March of 2020.

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