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James O’Grady

Ontario Green Party Candidate for Nepean James O'Grady. Photo/
James O’Grady

My Promise

” The Green Party is the only political party that does notwhipits candidates or elected representatives. As your MPP, I will be able to vote according to the wishes of Nepean residents rather than just along partisan lines.

If elected, I promise to consult before every vote at Queen’s Park with anyone who wishes. As I did with—a social media website for current affairs in Canada—I will build the tools necessary to consult in a meaningful and effective way. Let’s work to solve Nepean’s problems together!

Doing Politics Differently means putting people first. ”



James O’Grady is a social media entrepreneur (, communications professional, occasional teacher and community leader. James is the only son of the late Jim O’Grady, QC and Helen Alexiades (social worker). James grew up in the community of Trend-Arlington where he continues to live with his wife, son and mother.

He is a graduate of all of three schools on Greenbank Road, including Sir Robert Borden High School, where he starred for the SRB Blues as a goaltender (MVP 1985). James is also an alumnus of the Nepean Minor Hockey Association, where he learned to play hockey, tend goal and become a leader.

Political Experience

James O’Grady was born in 1966 into the Liberal Party and was weaned on the Vietnam War and Watergate. His father Jim O’Grady worked in Pearson’s government and campaigned for Pierre Trudeau in the 1970’s. Jim O’Grady was Margaret Trudeau’s first divorce attorney.

James worked in Jean Chretien’s war room in 1993 and in the Liberal Party Research Bureau both before and after the 1993 election. He left the Liberals in 2002 after learning of Paul Martin’s private war to undermine Jean Chretien.

In 2005, James joined the Green Party and became CEO for the Toronto Centre EDA, serving as the campaign manager in the 2006 federal election. In 2007, James served as Director of Campaign Communications for the Green Party of Ontario, when, largely due to his communications strategy, the Green Party of Ontario tripled its support, garnering 8.3% of the popular vote.

In 2010, James ran for Ottawa City Council in Ward 9: Knoxdale-Merivale. He finished second out of 10 candidates with just under 20% support, surpassing both the Liberal and Conservative supported candidates. After witnessing some questionable coverage of the 2010 municipal campaign by local media, James launched the social media website in 2013 to provide a vehicle for Canadians to publish their ideas and opinions onlinefree of political and media interference.


Professional Experience

James has worked in both the private and public sectors. Originally working in sales and marketing, James returned to university in 1998 to complete a graduate level Diploma in Communications from Concordia. After graduation, James moved to Toronto where he worked in Internet media, first in sales and marketing of online advertising products and technology, in both the B2C and B2B market places, and then later as a media producer of live-interactive projects and events in what was a precursor to social media apps.

In 2007, James graduated from Windsor University and became an Occasional Teacher with the Upper Canada District School Board and later with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. He specializes in the Junior and Intermediate levels. He has taught in many of Ottawa’s elementary schools, including all five schools closed in Nepean last year.


Community Leader

James stepped down as President of the Trend-Arlington Community Association (TACA) in 2016 to run in the provincial election, after serving 8-years as President, VP and Membership Coordinator. As a community leader, James organized and ran the Hockey Day in Ward 9 Shinny Hockey Tournament for kids and families in Nepean. He also coached a softball clinic for neighborhood children in Trend-Arlington.

In 2008 James lead community opposition to the Shoppers DrugMart across from Knoxdale Public School, and in 2011, against the oversized condo development on the corner of Craig Henry and Greenbank Rd. Both times the community succeeded in reducing the size of the development and improving the site plan.

In 2009, James helped found the Knoxdale-Merivale Council of Community Associations (KMC), a Ward Council for Ward 9 community associations. He also served as VP Communications for the Federation of Citizen Associations in Ottawa from 2011-12 where he hosted two community meetings on the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.

Just about everything James has written in the last 10 years can be found on at:

Visit James’ campaign website at

Riding: Nepean
Party: Green Party
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