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Jean-Serge Brisson

Ontario Libertarian Candidate for Carleton Jean-Serge Brisson. Photo/
Jean-Serge Brisson
Jean-Serge Brisson was born in 1954 in Embrun, Ontario. He was raised on a dairy farm, attended high school and ultimately opened his own radiator repair business in 1974 in the same small Ontario town. He first became involved in politics in 1980, enticed by the compulsory metrification issue, joined the Libertarian Party in 1986 and ran for the party in the 1988 federal election. He was elected to the boards of both federal and provincial libertarian parties in the early 90’s and has remained active on both boards ever since.

In October 1990, Jean-Serge initiated a “Tax Collection Protest” levied against the Provincial Sales Tax of Ontario, as well as the GST with the federal government. The accusation levied against both levels of government was that “slavery” was being used against private business in the collection of these taxes for governments. To this day, there has been no action to contest this accusation in court, and Jean-Serge's business, "Independent Radiator", has legally "not" collected any taxes since October 1991.

Jean-Serge first became leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada during the 2000 party convention and was re-elected as leader in 2005. Prior to becoming leader, he ran as a candidate in the 1988 and 1993 federal elections, and in 1990 and 1995 in the Ontario provincial elections. He did not run in the 2004 federal election feeling that having just been elected a councilor, it would not have been right to run for another seat at a different level of government even though there was little chance of getting elected. He took his position as councilor seriously and wanted to concentrate on his new position.

He did not run in the 2005 federal election either because of his protest to the Adscam scandal that the Liberals were involved with and he challenged the validity of the election. In doing so, he could not validate his running in an election he did not feel was valid. He remained the National Leader till the convention of May 2008 which was held in Edmonton and did not run for re-election as Leader feeling that the time was appropriate for someone else to take the reins of the party.
Riding: Carleton
Party: Libertarian Party
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