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Michelle Taylor

Ontario NDP Candidate for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes Michelle Taylor. Photo/
Michelle Taylor

Why am I running to be your MPP?

Our riding and all of Ontario are in need of clear and costed policies to fix the long list of problems created or compounded by recent Liberal & Conservative governments- on June 7th, the NDP needs to take back this province and focus on the people left behind for far too long. I am very excited to be part of that process and I hope you will all join me in spreading the NDP message of hope & fair government.

I’d like to tell you a little about me and why I have joined this race. I have a professional background as varied as my interests- I have worked in government contracting, taught & trained in medical first response with St. John Ambulance & the Canadian Forces (civilian), and have also spent time as part of a volunteer air search & rescue unit. I have a diploma in forestry and am a strong believer in environmental protection with responsible resource management. I have spent the last few years as a stay-at-home parent to my four children, and that has been a whole different education in & of itself! Throughout my time at home, I have been politically active both in Alberta where we lived for several years and back here in Ontario. I have volunteered on other campaigns and filled a variety of roles while gaining experience. In our new sub-division in Calgary, I also founded & launched our community association as a way to have a voice at the table with developers and the City. I am very proud to say that the association is still going strong today.

Since moving to this area four years ago, I have become involved in local education matters, particularly as they pertained to the recent Liberal threat to close many of our riding’s schools. One of the ones on the chopping block was Pineview, my daughters’ school in our village of Athens, the only elementary school in the village. I fought long and hard to keep it open, alongside many other dedicated parents, writing a long string of letters to the Education Minister & local media. I was also a founding member of the action group SOS Pineview and collaborated with the provincial action group Ontario Alliance Against School Closures in our attempt to raise the profile of our fight. Throughout the campaign to save our school, I worked with several levels of government to keep our school on their priority list. I even briefly participated in the provincial government-mandated pupil accommodation review process with the school board until realizing that its very nature was a smoke-screen for parents to feel included in a futile process. At the end of the day, we won and our school was removed from the provincial closure list.

I tell you all this to show you how strongly I will advocate for issues that matter to this riding. I am not a career politician, but I have a long history of stepping up when I see work that needs to be done. One of my favourite sayings that guides me is attributed to the actress Lily Tomlin- “I used to see an injustice and wonder why someone didn’t do something about it. Then I realized, I am somebody”. Those words are true for everyone- for me and for all of you. They are the reason I am running to represent our riding in the legislature, and they are the reason I need all of you beside me, spreading the NDP message from this moment until election day.

The Liberal government has had far too long in power- they are not the ones to fix their own mistakes, no matter how they may try desperately to borrow from our platform at the last minute. Their policy knock-offs are as cheap as their promises, and they must pay the price for the arrogant indifference they have shown Ontarians in everything from education to health care to hydro rates, just to name a few.

The PC party isn’t offering anything better- short on policy, with loose democratic standards & their inner camp in disarray, headed by a volatile leader.

Our party is the only one who understands that all segments of the population do better when we raise up those in need.

Our party is the only one with a strong leader, fit to lead our province forward towards prosperity and to tackle our current problems.

Our party is the only one that can give Ontario the political correction it dearly needs.

Together, we can get the message out and start pushing the NDP towards the finish-line and a better day for all Ontarians on June 7th.

Now is the time to rally your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers. I’m ready to go- and I’m excited to have all of you with me! The road to a better day starts now!

Riding: Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes
Party: NDP
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