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Cancer survivor Doug Nugent helping other local men win their battles

Nugent does most of his work in Winchester, but also helps raise money for prostate cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital.
2021-12-06 Doug and Kathy Nugent
Doug and Kathy Nugent. Photo/ Doug Nugent

Doug Nugent was 58 when he had his first PSA test, which ultimately lead to a prostate cancer diagnosis, and now he's helping other men who are in the same position he was.

He said it was his wife Kathy who kept on him to get a physical and a PSA test, which led to surprise findings.

"I thought I was young, healthy -- I had no issues, no symptoms -- so if it wasn't for my wife, who knows where I would be right now," Nugent tells CityNews' The Sam Laprade Show.

He recently wrapped up another 'Dare to Flash a Stache' campaign, which is similar to Movember, except that all the money raised goes to the Winchester Hospital to support cancer navigator and cancer coach programs, as well as The Ottawa Hospital Foundation for prostate cancer research and awareness initiatives.

Nugent also helps run support groups for men battling cancer in Winchester.

"Some men ... they feel they won't feel comfortable talking to another group of men, but we're all in the same situation and once they realize that, they become a lot more open with us," he explains.

Nugent is also one of the organizers of a free PSA clinic every year in Winchester. This year's edition saw more than 170 men tested, and between seven and 11 men flagged with high PSA levels. He says it would be up to those men to then talk to their doctors to see if it could be prostate cancer. Nugent adds that if their clinics even help one person each year, it's worth doing.

He says early-detected prostate cancer has a success rate upwards of 95 per cent.

"I've been fortunate with my recovery, and if I can help other men, I'm glad to do that," he concludes.

Listen to Nugent's full conversation with Sam Laprade:

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