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Room2Breathe helping Ottawans de-clutter their homes and give to those in need

Owner Martha Tobin says their 'Donations That Do Good' program creates a win-win scenario for all involved and positively impacts the environment.

An Ottawa company is helping Ottawa residents who may be trying to de-clutter their homes, while helping other local families who may be in need of certain household items.

Room2Breathe Owner Martha Tobin tells CityNews' The Sam Laprade Show about their 'Donations That Do Good' program.

"We all have too much stuff, I mean, it's just the type of society that we live in," she explained. "But what's interesting is, I find when the clients realize that their items that they're not using, that they don't need, that are just cluttering up their space, are going to have a second life with people in our community that are desperately in need of those items, it makes it easier for people to let them go."

She says it really is a win-win for all involved.

"Not only are we helping the client, but as well, we're helping the environment because those items aren't going into a landfill, and we're helping the community."

All items donated to Room2Breathe get distributed to charities in Ottawa. 

They not only take household items, but clothing as well. Tobin says most people only wear 20 per cent of what's in their wardrobes, and there are many local organizations which can make use of gently used clothing.

Tobin says Room2Breathe's consultations are free. Its employees will even help rearrange furniture and build new shelves in order to help homeowners make better use of their spaces.

"We always leave a place better than we found it," said Tobin.

Listen to Tobin's full conversation with Sam Laprade:

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