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Anger from residents over proposed selling of Kanata Golf Course

ClubLinks proposal to sell the Kanata Lakes Golf Course breaks an agreement made back in 1981 that that calls for 40 per cent greenspace to remain, said the President of the Kanata-Beaverbrook Community Association.
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Community members who live in Kanata-Beaverbrook aren't happy to hear the owners of the Kanata Lakes Golf Course are looking at selling the land for future development of homes and condominiums.

If ClubLink were to sell the golf course for development, it would be breaking a deal set back in 1981 between Campeau Corporation and the Former Mayor of Kanata Marianne Wilkinson that states 40 per cent of the land must be greenspace.

"Campeau had to sign an agreement, which included the 40 per cent and also the fact it can only be sold for use as a golf course," said Neil Thomson, President of the Kanata-Beaverbrook Community Association.

Thomson added, "the paperwork is very clear on that. There was a guarantee of 40 per cent and a large chunk of the guarantee is the golf course."

If ClubLink is unable to find a buyer who will take over the operation then the City of Ottawa has to step in an run the land as a golf course.

Many home owners who bought properties on the golf course were told the value wouldn't be affected due to the agreement, however, Thomson said all this would change.

"From talking to some of the real estate experts, we have a lot of real estate professionals in the community, they say, based on their experience with similar attempts across North America it will have a severe hit."

Jenna Sudds, Councillor for Kanata North, released a statement saying "I want our community to know that I will be working with City staff and the community to do everything I can to preserve this greenspace. The City of Kanata signed an agreement in 1981 that calls for 40% greenspace to remain in Kanata Lakes and that was achieved in large part by the presence of the golf course. I have reached out to city staff to review this agreement and provide advice."

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