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Both sides have their say at March For Life

The annual pro-life demonstration was met by a gathering of people sharing their pro-choice message. Police were present, but everything stayed peaceful.
2018-05-10 march for life
March For Life on Parliament Hill, May 10, 2018. Stuart McGinn/ OttawaMatters

The March for Life rally brought thousands of people to downtown Ottawa.

Protests snarled traffic in the core for several hours, starting at 1 p.m., Thursday.

While it remains a massive annual event for pro-life protestors, counter protests from pro-choice groups made their voices heard at the event too.

"Ultimately I believe that the unborn human being is a human being," said one man on the pro-life side of the demonstration. "So I really believe that we offer all sorts of laws, protections and status for human beings in this country, and I believe the unborn human being should be afforded all of those rights as well."

"I deserve the right to choose. Everyone does. It's important," said a woman on the pro-choice side.

Another woman explained, "I'm here with my daughter today because it's very important to me that she grows in a world where she has access to safe and legal abortion if she ever chooses that."

About 5,000 pro-life marchers gathered on Parliament Hill and began their walk through the downtown core, but didn't make it very far at first. They were stopped at Elgin Street and Queen Street, in front of the MAC, by about 200 pro-choice protestors, who were standing their ground, chanting in unison.

Shortly after that, the pro-life side took their march in the opposite direction, walking through the core and back up to the hill, completing their annual demonstration.

Thursday's events were set to wrap up around 5 p.m.
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