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Bye, Bye Birdie at LeBreton Flats

Success at LeBreton Flats Wednesday as the Killdeer nest is moved from the Bluesfest mainstage site
2018-06-27 Killdeer 1 GL
Killdeer at LeBreton Flats/Cormac MacSweeney

Bluesfest prep will be able to continue Wednesday with a Killdeer bird's nest out of the way.

A team of wildlife executives and NCC biologists worked to slowly move the nest 25 meters away from the original nesting spot.


Canada's Environment Minister's Office granted a permit under the Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act on Tuesday, to allow for the nest and eggs to be moved to a nearby suitable habitat.

A statement said, in the event of nest abandonment by the Killdeer parents, the eggs will be transported to a rehabilitation facility to provide the best probability of survival.

While Canadian killdeer populations have been on the decline over the last 40 years, it is not a species at risk.

Despite a slight delay in getting the stage built, Bluesfest is still scheduled to start on time next week.

Festival officials said they have dealt with delays in past years due to weather, but never because of a bird.

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