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City of Ottawa finds $500K surplus in 2020 snow removal budget

The city allocated $78-million for snow removal this year.
Snow Plow
Photo/ Leith Dunick

The City of Ottawa is forecasting a potential $500,000 surplus in its snow removal budget by the end of the year. 

Director of Roads and Parking Services Laila Gibbons, says it obviously depends on what Mother Nature brings through December, but for now, that's what the city is looking at.

"Biggest credit goes to the support that we've received through our council, in terms of bringing our operational budgets up to sufficiently fund our winter operations. So that happened in 2020," she explains.

The 2020 snow removal budget for the City of Ottawa was set at $78-million.

Gibbons adds her department will be taking a much more proactive approach to winter operations this season, thanks to the city bringing a number of changes to the service delivery review in 2019. 

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