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City of Ottawa staff shouldn't expect to work from home permanently: city manager

Steve Kanellakos is supportive of a hybrid model of working from home part-time, but not with a level of permanency.
20210515_city of ottawa
City of Ottawa. (Photo/Dani-Elle Dubé)

Ottawa city staff hoping to permanently work from home permanently should think again.

City Manager Steve Kanellakos says municipal workers who are asked to come into the office for a variety of reasons will be required to do so.

He says he is supportive of a hybrid model of working from home part-time.

"I certainty don't support that there will be this permanency of you never have to show up, or you can go down to Jamaica and work out of Jamaica and never have to come back to the office," Kanellakos explained. "I don't think that's the way to run a city."

Most of those who would be working a hybrid model are employees who work out of the three administrative buildings: Ottawa City Hall, 100 Constellation Drive and Ben Franklin Place.

Roughly 75 per cent of city staff did not work from home during the pandemic, and about half of the remaining staff are now back at the office in some capacity.

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