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Concern over right-wing rally hitting parliament hill

According to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, some groups expected to participate have white supremacy and neo-Nazi ties.
2018-07-13 rally parliament hill
Members of La Meute, Storm Alliance, and other groups at a previous demonstration on Parliament Hill. Photo/ Canadian Anti-Hate Network

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is raising concerns about a rally being held on Parliament Hill this weekend.

The demonstration at noon Saturday, is being organized by the Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) and is called the 'Canadians for Canada Rally.' 

But Anti-Hate Network Executive Director Evan Balgord told 1310 NEWS some of the people expected to attend have neo-Nazi ties.

Listen to the full conversation with Balgord:

Groups like Storm Alliance, Soldiers of Odin, Sons of Odin, the Canadian Jewish Defence League, the III%ers, and Northern Guard could be taking part, according to Balgord. 

He added that the Soldiers of Odin and Northern Guard have leaders and members with demonstrated ties to white supremacy and neo-nazism. Members of the Canadian Jewish Defence League have been charged with a hate crime in the United States for their role in the beating of a Palestinian professor at AIPAC conference in 2017. The III%ers are an anti-Muslim 'militia' group.

One of the event's speakers is Kevin J Johnston, a Youtuber from Mississauga who has been charged under for spreading hate propaganda.

On a Facebook page for the event, organizers have written, "This rally is to express our discontent with our present government. This Prime Minister does not represent Canadian values and culture."

Balgord believes the 'values and culture' that C3 stands against have to do with the Prime Minister's promotion of a multi-cultural society which accepts LGBTQ members with open arms.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is an organization which monitors hate speech online, and alerts authorities about events which they are concerned about.

Still, Balgord has no information regarding any kind of counter-rally planned for Saturday. He explained that it's not about keeping far-right-leaning groups from speaking publicly, but encouraging others to speak against their message if it turns into hate speech.

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