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Corruption charges dropped against Ottawa City Councillor Tim Tierney

Tierney delivered an apology at the Elgin Street courthouse and has agreed to forfeit a couple months of his salary.

Charges of corruption, filed against a Beacon Hill-Cyrville City Councillor Tim Tierney following the 2018 municipal election, have been dropped.

Tierney stood in front of a judge at the Elgin Street courthouse and apologized for his misdeed, Wednesday.

On July 27, 2018, minutes before candidates in the municipal election were allowed to sign up, Tierney made a phone call and offered to make a donation to the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard if Michael Schurter agreed not to run against him. 

The move resulted in a full investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police's racketeering division. 

Wednesday, Crown Attorney Claudette Breault said Tierney had taken responsibility, writing a letter of apology and agreed to return the equivalent of two months salary to the City of Ottawa, so she would be dropping the charges.

Speaking outside the courthouse Schurter said he's happy the ordeal is over.

"The process has been long, but it's ensured that councillor Tierney has taken responsibility for his actions," he explained. "Last election, Tim ran on his reputation and that may not be something he's able to do again in the future."

The councillor spoke to the media briefly after his court appearance, saying he's looking forward to continuing to work for the residents of Beacon Hill-Cyrville.

Tierney also released this statement:

"I would first like to take this opportunity to thank the Court, the Crown Attorney and the OPP. I have always had tremendous respect for the very important work that you do and thank you as well for your willingness to work with my lawyers to achieve a positive outcome in my case. 

As a city councillor and community member, this experience has led me to regard the legal process even more highly. 

I wish as well to acknowledge that July 27, 2018 was a difficult day. It had always been my firm intention to make a personal donation to the Gloucester Food Cupboard had I been acclaimed. In the hectic last minutes before the close of nominations, I raised the subject of a charitable donation in connection with the election. 

I apologize for my mistake, for which I accept full responsibility.

While this has been a very stressful experience, it has also been a learning experience and I am thankful for the support of my family, friends and the community. 

As a demonstration of good faith and of my commitment to the community of the City of Ottawa, I have volunteered to forego and have forgone 2 months of my salary. I trust that it will be put to positive use by our community.

Again, I apologize for my mistake and I look forward to moving on from this experience. I remain humbled and honoured to be a city councillor in this great City of Ottawa."


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