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Dunrobin Community Centre given new life thanks to Carp company

Senstar swooped in to fix up the centre that was damaged in the tornado last year.

Every year, tech security company Senstar chooses to do a good deed in their community, and this time around the Dunrobin Community Centre was selected.

The centre was battered when a tornado touched down on September 21, 2018. Its baseball equipment shed was among some of the centre's property which was blown away, never to be seen again. 

On Wednesday, June 19, volunteers rebuilt the bleachers, did some landscaping and painted the front of the building. 

Dunrobin Community Association President Greg Patacairk said he met with officials from Senstar two weeks ago to discuss their plans for the day of work. 

He explained that one of the most important tasks was to rebuild the equipment shed. 

"It disappeared during the tornado, we still haven't found the shack," Patacairk explained. "It was an eight-by-eight lot with eight foot ceilings, all made out of metal, and we don't know where it is. It had to be about 700 or 800 pounds minimum, but we can't find it." 

He said that the ball diamond is still closed, with work needed on lights and the fence, but Patacairk said the city is working on clearing up the debris as well.  

"Between the trees that came down, that's the first thing you have to get out of the way. Then you have to get all the debris out of the ground," Patacairk said. "We were going through just the sand in the sandbox and pulling out saw blades and that sort of stuff from the tornado that just went flying through."

The community association doesn't expect to have the area completed until their grand reopening planned for next spring. 

Patacairk said there are still so many projects in need of volunteers to help with the tornado clean up in Dunrobin. 

If you would like to lend a hand, or for more information about the Dunrobin Community Association, click here.

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