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Gatineau mayor focused more on building tram to Ottawa, less on the specific route

"What we want is the project to go ahead because we need that, as a region," said Gatineau's mayor, who thinks his city will be satisfied regardless of which route is built.
2021-05-13 rendering of gatineau STO tramway
Artist rendering of Gatineau's proposed tramway, 2021. Photo/ STO

Gatineau's mayor says the most important thing is that his city's new tramway, which will extend into Ottawa's downtown, gets completed.

Maxime Pednaud-Jobin says Gatineau residents looking to commute into Ottawa's core aren't as concerned about which exact route the train takes.

Of the two proposed options, the City of Ottawa prefers a tunnel under Sparks Street. The NCC, however, prefers the cheaper option of surface-level trains on Wellington Street.

"The fact that the NCC took a stand, I think is a good step for the project to go forward," said Mayor Pednaud-Jobin. "We'll be satisfied whether it's Option A or Option B; what we want is the project to go ahead because we need that, as a region."

Because Gatineau residents will only be travelling into and out of Ottawa, Pedneaud-Jobin says he doesn't really have much to say on which route is better.


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