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Herongate tenants to protest against landlord

A phone protest is planned for a six hour period on Tuesday, when residents of a complex in Herongate are encouraged to call their landlord's office.
Herongate Protest
The Herongate Tenant Coalition uses this photo for their telephone protest planned for Tuesday, June 12. (Facebook)

Tenants of a townhouse complex slated for demolition in Herongate are staging a telephone protest Tuesday. 

They plan to phone the offices of the landlord, Timbercreek Property Management, to protest the treatment of tenants being forced to vacate their home by the end of September. 

The phone protest is scheduled between 10 a.m., and 4 p.m.

The group organizing the phone protest, the Herongate Tenant Coalition, says Timbercreek employees have threatened and tried to intimidate tenants that don't speak English with abusive and racist behaviour. 

On a Facebook event page for the protest, the Tenant Coalition provides a script for anyone that's taking part in the protest: 

"I'm calling in support of the Herongate tenants. Your abusive and racist intimidation tactics of lying and threatening tenants who face language barriers with changing locks, throwing furniture out on the street and calling the police is illegal and unethical. Tenants have been clear in their message that they are not moving from their homes and there is nothing you or Timbercreek can do to force these evictions. We urge you to stop these illegal practices and leave the Herongate tenants alone."

The coalition asks people who make the call to inform them, to help keep track of the impact they're having. 

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