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LISTEN: Calgary man looking for Ottawa paramedics who saved his life after 1994 stabbing

"I had 13 wounds and a punctured lung. One missed my heart by a half-an-inch. I'm pretty lucky," said Dave Murphy.
2022-01-21 DAVE MURPHY2
Dave Murphy with his wife and daughter. Photo/ Dave Murphy

A Calgary man who nearly lost his life after an altercation near Bayshore Mall as a teenager in 1994 says he's turned his life completely around and he wants to thank the Ottawa paramedics who saved him.

Dave Murphy was stabbed thirteen times and suffered a punctured lung in the incident.

"I came pretty close to dying and lost half the muscle in my leg and I am pretty lucky to be here," he said. 

Eight years ago, Murphy set out to search for the paramedics who saved his life after the stabbing, but his leads to locate them have since dried up. Now, the father of one says he is willing to give it another shot. 

"I had PTSD for almost 20 years and when my wife was eight months pregnant with our daughter, who's now almost eight, I said, 'You know what? I need to go get some help for this.' I'm a totally different person today, and I'd like to bring closure to this and hopefully introduce [them to] my wife and daughter and just say, 'Look, you know, I wouldn't I wouldn't have this if it wasn't for you guys.'"

He doesn't remember much of the day, but he remembers three people being there: two paramedics and one lady.

When, and if, he meets them, Murphy says he just wants to appreciate them for coming to his aid right on time.

"A lot of people always say, 'You know, I can't believe that happened to you -- that's so horrible.' But for me, it's like, 'No.' It led me out west where I met my wife and I even got a kid and dog and a cat. I don't know where I would be. I mean, everything happens for a reason, but I'd just like to say, 'You know what, if you guys were even like another 60 seconds later getting to me than you did, I might not even be here as well.'"

In April, Murphy spoke with one of the detectives who worked on his case, and a retired chief medical officer also helped him search for the paramedics. As his way of paying forward the paramedics' work, he does a lot of work with veteran groups and first responders to raise awareness for the work that they do. 

Murphy says the incident happened either on the last week of March, or first week of April in 1994. 

Listen to the full conversation with Murphy on the Friday, January 21 edition of The Sam Laprade Show:

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