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Local Legend: StopGap providing easier access to Ottawa businesses

The volunteer-run organization has officially been around since 2013.

StopGap is putting accessibility first, providing free, well-built ramps to Ottawa businesses with one step entrances.

What was going to be a one-off project back in 2011 has grown to provide more than 2,000 ramps to businesses in Ottawa, across North America and beyond.

StopGap is a volunteer-run organization, founded in Toronto in October 2013.

A small barrier may not seem like a big deal to people who don't rely on accessibility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, canes, walking sticks and other assistive devices, but it means everything to those who do.

After spotting and warmly embracing these eye-catching wooden ramps in her neighbourhood, CHEZ on-air personality Amy Volume decided to learn more about the StopGap Foundation and the wonderful volunteers who make these ramps possible.

Anyone wanting to get involved in local StopGap activities, who needs a ramp for their business or just wants to learn more, can visit

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