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More pop-up COVID-19 clinics coming to Ottawa's priority neighbourhoods

The City of Ottawa will start accepting residents from these neighbourhoods starting on Saturday, June 12.
MVT COVID-19 vaccination
Photo courtesy of Alberta government

Residents from any of Ottawa’s priority neighbourhoods will soon be accepted for first-dose vaccinations — this includes teachers, staff, students and other households of any school located in these neighbourhoods.

Starting Saturday, June 12, residents of this group will be able to get their COVID-19 vaccinations, the City of Ottawa confirmed Thursday.

“Expanding eligibility will raise vaccination rates in priority neighbourhoods and assist in removing some of the greatest barriers to accessing the vaccine,” the city said in their announcement. “Residents from outside priority neighbourhoods will be directed to available appointments in the provincial vaccine booking system or at a participating pharmacy."

Residents in priority neighbourhoods may also be eligible for vaccination at the Bruyère Family Medicine Centre.

Details of the clinics are below:

  • Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13 – 9 am to 7 pm
    • Canada Museum of Science and Technology – 1867 St. Laurent Blvd.
    • Hillcrest High School – 1900 Dauphin Rd.
  • Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15 – 11 am to 9 pm
    • AMA Centre – 1216 Hunt Club Rd
  • Wednesday, June 16 to Friday, June 18 – 11 am to 9 pm
    • St. Joseph’s Adult High School – 330 Lajoie St.
  • Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 20 – 9 am to 7 pm
    • Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre – 102 Greenview Ave.

Residents are asked to bring at least one piece of IC and proof of address must be provided.

A valid Ontario health card is preferred, but not required if you do not have one.

To check if your home or school address is eligible, visit

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