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UPDATE: Motorists reminded to adjust driving as winter conditions move in

Bryden Denyes, the City's area manager of urban roads, is urging motorists to take their time, be aware and drive to the conditions that are out there.
2020-02-27 snow in ottawa MV3
Snow on Richmond Road in Ottawa, February 27, 2020. Mike Vlasveld/

As Ottawa gets hit with a mid-week a blast of winter weather, motorists are reminded to adjust their driving.

A winter weather travel advisory was issued for Ottawa for the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 15, with snow beginning in the early morning hours. 

There were numerous reports of vehicles sliding off area roads during the morning commute and Bryden Denyes, the city's area manager of urban roads, has urged motorists to slow down in slippery conditions. 

"The first snowfall of the year is always challenging," Denyes told CityNews Ottawa. "It does take a little bit of time to get used to driving in these conditions again. I can't stress enough -- take your time, be aware and drive to the conditions that are out there."

He adds the main issue with this weather event was some snow covered areas, as well as a build up of slush, and he said City of Ottawa crews were out early to start the salting process. 

"Our resources have been deployed to salt our priority road network, our priority sidewalks and our winter cycling network," Denyes said. "We'll also be moving into our residential sidewalks later today."

Environment Canada has issued a winter weather travel advisory for Ottawa beginning early on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 15. 

The weather agency said the capital is expected to receive snow, which will cause "poor visibility due to heavy snow at times."

Ottawa is projected to receive between five and 10 centimetres of snow today. 

David Phillips senior climatologist with Environment Canada, told The Sam Laprade Show on Nov. 16 that Environment Canada would not usually issue an advisory for five centimetres of snow. 

"Five centimetres is not a big deal and it won't be memorable," he said. "But the fact it's the first one and snow operators need to find their routes and it makes driving a little more treacherous."

Phillips said temperatures over the next week will be nothing over the melting point, and it will look like a "white wonderland."

He said November will see some cold days, and December, there will be days where people can expect warmer days, anywhere between four and six degrees Celsius.  

"There's lots of opportunity for fall type weather to come back," added Phillips. "This is kind of a dress rehearsal. It's a reminder from nature saying get your snow tires on, find your snow shovels, get your snow pants and get ready for winter."

As for what to expect for the winter ahead, Phillips said that he expects the capital to get more snow than last year, but it won't be as cold as it was on 2021. 

Listen to the full interview with David Phillips below:




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