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New details emerge on Ontario's upcoming vaccine certificate app

“Verify Ontario” is slated to launch on October 22.
proof of vax mask
A person wears a mask to protect them from the COVID-19 virus while walking past information about vaccination proof in Kingston, Ontario on Thursday September 23, 2021

A vaccine certificate verification app will launch next week as fully vaccinated Ontarians will be able to load their current status and allow establishments to verify a QR code to confirm proof of vaccination.

New details about the app called “Verify Ontario” are coming to light, including that the system will accept QR codes from British Columbia, Québec, and Yukon. This means travellers from those provinces will be able to enter Ontario establishments that require vaccination status safely.

The government says the app will collect no personally identifiable information. It will not request the user’s location or save any information that links specific areas, visitors, or businesses to each other. Verified proofs of vaccinations are displayed for 30 seconds and then deleted.

As well, no personal health information is displayed or shared.

However, the Ford government says it will be collecting “anonymized” data using Google Analytics, which will track the number of completed scans, the date and time of scans, and the number of positive, negative, and invalid scans. This will be done by using randomly generated numbers the user installs the app for the first time.

Ontario’s government website also details what will happen when the QR code on the “Verify Ontario” is scanned.

There will be three possible results:

  • Green checkmark: Verified
  • Yellow warning: A problem occurred
  • Red “X”: Invalid proof of vaccination

In the event of a yellow reading, the government recommends staff using the app can wipe the camera’s lens and try to scan again. If staff are scanning with the flashlight in lower lighting, they can either ask the visitor to try again by tilting the angle of their phone and making sure the flashlight is not reflecting on the bar code.

A red reading may indicate the visitor has only one vaccine dose and or that 14 days may have not passed since the visitor got their second shot. There could also be missing, invalid, or incorrect information in the QR code.

The new app is slated to be available beginning October 22nd.

Following in the footsteps of Ottawa area hospitals a number of institutions in southern Ontario will now require visitors to show proof of full vaccination starting the same say the app will be made available.

The number of daily new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario dropped for the fourth straight day to the lowest level in more than two months.

The province announced 309 new cases on Wednesday, October 13 – the lowest since August 5th when 213 infections were reported.

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