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OC Tranpso insisting customers be patient at both ends of Confederation Line

The City of Ottawa's transit commission received its first review since the launch of the Confederation Line, with the main focus on eliminating wait times at Tunney's Pasture Station and Blair Station.
2019-08-23 John Manconi City of Ottawa MV4
City of Ottawa General Manager of Transportation John Manconi, August 23, 2019. Mike Vlasveld/

A review of the Confederation Line is detailing some of its "minor" issues since opening to the public, and what the city plans to do about them.

The City of Ottawa's General Manager of Transportation Services John Manconi told transit commission members at a meeting Wednesday, there were small LRT delays on Monday and Tuesday of this week. 

There were also complaints of a smell in the Confederation Line's underground platforms. Manconi said that was due to moisture seeping into the stations. City crews have been working to pump that water out.

Overall, Manconi said the launch of the light rail line has been a major success for the City of Ottawa.

He told commission members that OC Transpo is making adjustments to the bus-to-transfer services at both Tunney's Pasture Station and Blair Station due to increased volumes during the afternoon rush hour.

"Tunney's and Blair are temporary transfer stations. When you open up [LRT] Stage 2, those become flow through's," said Manconi. "There are no technical issues that are broken in the system at those transfer points."

Unfortunately, Stage 2 won't open until 2025, however, Manconi stressed that residents need to be patient and see the changes take place when parallel bus service is removed on October 6.

"Let the system relax," he added. "Let it find its equilibrium. Get to October 6. Implement your $5.1-million dollar investment."

OC Transpo staff are currently monitoring the afternoon rush hour and say it will make any adjustments to the service if issues continue past October 6. 

Manconi also explained that residents are having a hard time with the service changes, saying customers need to make sure they understand that the system is not the same as it was last year.

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