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OC Transpo launches sign language interpretation service for hearing, speech-impaired customers

Customers can now access real-time interpretation for phone calls to OC Transpo.
2018-02-28 OC Transpo1 MV
OC Transpo bus in downtown Ottawa, February 28, 2018. (Photo/ Mike Vlasveld)

OC Transpo has applied a new improvement to its service by offering options for transit customers who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired.

Customers can now connect with a sign language interpreter to access real-time interpretation for phone calls to OC Transpo, it was announced Friday.

Using Canada Video Relay Service, people with hearing or speech disabilities can connect with an interpreter via video conference before calling OC Transpo at 613-560-5000.

This service has been in use with other areas of OC Transpo's service, but is now being applied to the real-time interpretation of phone calls.

The interpreter will then connect the caller with OC Transpo, relaying conversations between both parties.

This new service, OC Transpo says, is already in use in the city’s client service system and provides an alternative to TTY and Bell Relay Service calls. However, OC Transpo will still offer all options to its customers.

The video relay service allows callers to express themselves in their first language, American Sign Language or Langue des signes québécoise, when communicating with OC Transpo.

The goal of the new service, the bus company says, is to offer customers more independence and freedom when access transit services, while making OC Transpo more inclusive for all customers.

For more information on how to access the service, visit or call 613-560-5000 (TTY: 613-741-5280).

Canada VRS is an independent non-profit telecommunications service that connects deaf Canadians to all types of services. The service is offered both in English and French.

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