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Ottawa beaches safe for swimming come July, City says

The only beach that will not be open will be Britannia, as it is scheduled to undergo major work to improve the quality of the area.
USED 2020-05-25 Mooney's Bay beach MV1
Mooney's Bay Park, Ottawa. Mike Vlasveld/

Ottawa’s beaches will soon be safe and ready for swimming — just in time for summer.

According to the City of Ottawa, lifeguards will be on duty to supervise the beaches in early July.

The only exception will be at Britannia Beach, which will undergo a major dredging work to “improve the quality of the swim area,” Dan Chenier, general manager of recreation, cultural and facility services said in a statement.

Water testing also hasn't been done yet. That generally won’t happen until several days before lifeguards start supervising the beach, Chernier clarified.

“Lifeguards will be present during supervision hours, and the City communicates a no-swim advisory through a red flag system at the beaches as well as signs on the waterfront,” Chenier said. “The red flag and signs would be in place when poor water quality readings suspend swim activities.”

So until the City tests the water quality and lifeguards are present, the City emphasizes that it is not yet safe to swim at any one of Ottawa’s beaches.

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