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Ottawa Humane Society dealing with cat drop off it calls 'disturbing'

A number of young kittens were found in cardboard boxes and crates, dropped off at the property of a pest control company.

The Ottawa Humane Society is caring for 30 cats, which were dropped off in cardboard boxes and crates at a local pest control company property. 

A staff member of the company said the animals appeared yesterday, and were immediately taken to the humane society.

The OHS said some of the cats are still kittens while others are older juveniles -- most appear in good health and all are socialized.

"In my mind, this is a disturbing message," stated OHS Executive Director, Bruce Roney. "It seems to suggest that someone thought these little cats were pests; like cockroaches. It's so unnecessary. The OHS is an open admission shelter. We will help any animal that needs us at any time."

The cats have been kept isolated from other felines at the shelter and OHS staff have been scrambling to get all of them vaccinated and medically assessed. 

The OHS said one of the cats appeared sick, and hoped it was nothing that could affect the other 29. In the end, the kitten was diagnosed with motion or heat sickness.

"The hope is that we can get these little guys sterilized and ready for adoption, fast," explained Roney, who added that the number of animals needing care has been slowly rising since the warm weather arrived a few weeks ago. "Thirty is a lot of cats to admit in one afternoon, on top of our everyday admissions. We want to get these little cats into homes to ensure we have space for the animals that need us in our looming busy season."

The OHS can see 35 or more animals admitted daily during the summer months.

The humane society appeals to the community in the spring and summer months to help it care for the huge increase in pets, especially cats, in need of housing and care.

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