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Ottawa mayor accused of trolling on social media

Jim Watson responded to criticism regarding the LRT project with insults against a former talk show host.

Ottawa's mayor is being skewered on social media for his handling of negative feedback from a follower. 

Responding to a tweet from a former talk show host about the delayed launch and the cost of the light rail transit project, Jim Watson went on the attack. 

Watson noted his critic's number of followers, calling his old show 'whacky' and said that the station was right to fire him. 

Since Watson's harsh reaction, there has been a flurry of tweets calling the mayor a cyberbully, telling him to get a thicker skin and saying these types of comments are unbecoming of an elected official. 

This isn't the first time that Jim Watson has had issues with social media and his behaviour on it. 

Just before the municipal election, three local activists launched a lawsuit against Watson claiming their human rights were violated when he blocked them from Twitter. 

Mayor Watson relented before letting the lawsuit get to court, unblocking the complainants and everyone else. 

He also vowed to get a thicker skin. 

As of Wednesday morning, the tweet was still posted with no response from the mayor.

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