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Ottawa police use video 'job-posals' to announce new batch of officers

The Ottawa Police Outreach and Recruiting team have helped hire 12 new officers that will start with the OPS in December.
Cst. Connor Williams is a former Ottawa REDBLACKS player who will join the Ottawa Police in December 2019. (Sgt. Maria Keen twitter)

You've heard of the proposal and the prom-posal, but what about a job-posal? 

The Ottawa Police Outreach and Recruiting team have been creating videos of new officers being offered a position among the ranks and in some cases, the videos are garnering more than 10,000 views. 

Sergeant Maria Keen notes that there is a lot of work that goes into applying for a job with the Ottawa Police Service, including an application process that could take up to eight months, so emotions are high when people find out they made the cut. 

"It's a huge achievement to be told that you're going to be a police officer," Sgt. Keen explained. "So all those emotions rolled into one -- you know they're very excited, most of them cry." 

Sgt. Keen explained that the social media posts with the videos also include a little blurb about the new officer; a little bit about them and some of the work they have done to help improve the community. 

She also noted that this is a creative way to try and increase recruitment numbers. 

"It's an opportunity for myself and my team to let people in the public know, here's what we're looking for in policing," said Sgt. Keen. "We've been getting a lot of applicants. Every day people saying, 'This is great!'" 

On December 9, there will be 12 new officers joing the Ottawa Police Service, and many of them have been featured in job-posal videos. 

Sgt. Keen said, once they officially join the force, they'll be headed to the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, for 13 weeks of training. 

If you have an interest in policing, click here for more information on recruitment. 

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